J.Boag & Son The 2009 State Team to represent Tasmania has been selected from the 2009 State Trials in Open, Women's and Masters events

2009 State Team to represent Tasmania at the Australian 8Ball Championships in Canberra

Open Team: Gregg Watt (Captain, Singles Champion), Cale Barrett, Sam Thurgood (Vice Captain), Chris Forsyth, Anthony Adams, Johnny Lennard, Phil Dando, Trent Brooks, Bruce Lockley, Andrew Saltmarsh - Team Manager: Phil Dando

Women's Team: Fiona Plummer (Captain, Singles Champion), Denise Millington, Miranda Jamieson (Vice Captain), Michelle Grundy, Leonie Brooks, Debbie Rainbow, Mandy Snare - Team Manager: Heath Rainbow

Masters Team: Doug Goss, Cyril Triffitt, Tony Adams

Thanks to our Sponsors in helping getting our team away and also thanks to Leonie Brooks, Fiona Plummer and Geoff Youd for their fundraising (every bit helps, if we had more people like this we could go away and not pay as much as we do)

The open team is the youngest team we have ever sent away and I am sure the event will be great learning experience for the players and for the future of our sport

The women's team is also made up of a lot of new faces and players with little expereince at national level, but no doubt all will try their hardest and the girls will start to build a new lot of players for future years

The Masters team will I think perform very well and as from the entries received this year, this event is starting to attract some quality players, especially now we send a team of 3 players to the Australian 8ball championships

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