Year Open Singles Ladies Singles Masters Singles Open Doubles Ladies Doubles State Teams Event
2021 Cale Barrett   Denise Millington  Wayne Stubbs Cale Barrett / Anthony Adams    HWC Phantoms 
2020 Cale Barrett   Denise Millington Wayne Stubbs  Cale Barrett / Anthony Adams     Claremont RSL Scorpions
2019  Alex Pace  Fiona Plummer Greg Lawrie  Cale Barrett / Anthony Adams   Claremont RSL Scorpions
2018 Alex Pace Denise Millington Greg Lawrie Cale Barrett / Anthony Adams Not Played Claremont RSL Scorpions
2017 Jeremy McGuire Denise Millington Wayne Stubbs Cale Barrett / Bruce Lockley Not Played Claremont RSL Scorpions
Cale Barrett Denise Millington Wayne Stubbs Jeremy McGuire / Alex Pace Not Played The Waggon
2015 Jeremy McGuire Dencil McGifford Wayne Stubbs Cale Barrett / Tim Wright Not Played The Burnie Combers
2014 Cale Barrett Jenna Sampson Wayne Stubbs Cale Barrett / Tim Wright Not Played The Waggon
2013 Anthony Adams Denise Millington Wayne Stubbs Cale Barrett / Tim Wright Not Played Beltana GTR's
2012 Cale Barrett Fiona Plummer David Bates Dallas Nichols / Justin Van Diepen Not Played The Burnie Combers
2011 Anthony Adams Fiona Plummer Wayne Elliott David Lee / Tim Wright Not Played Foreshore Tavern Breakers
2010 Gregg Watt Fiona Plummer Wayne Elliott Troy Rawlings / Joel Smith Not Played Hobart Workers Club Shooters
2009 Gregg Watt Fiona Plummer Bruce Lockley Cale Barrett / Anthony Adams   Hobart Workers Club Shooters
2008 Rick Lee Katie Martin Geoff Youd Rick Lee / Ben McCauley   HWC Niners 
2007 Gregg Watt Pam Robertson Wayne Elliott     HWC Maroons 
2006 Gregg Watt Katie Flood Ken Worthington Les Higgins / Gregg Watt   HWC Maroons
2005 Gregg Watt Katie Flood Wayne Elliott Not Played   HWC Gold
2004 Rick Lee Denise Millington Wayne Elliott Wayne Stubbs / Leigh Bennett   Cooleys Hotel
2003 Wayne Stubbs Miranda Jamieson Wayne Elliott Dallas Nichols / Justin Van Diepen Denise Millington / Fiona Plummer HWC Maroon
2002 Phil Bailey Denise Millington Ron Atkins Dallas Nichols / Justin Van Diepen Denise Millington / Fiona Plummer Shoreline Hotel
2001 Wayne Stubbs Fiona Plummer Peter Cook Gregg Watt / Damien Smith Denise Millington / Fiona Plummer Mayfair Bears
2000 Gregg Watt Denise Millington Ken Worthington Wayne Stubbs / Mick Furley Denise Millington / Fiona Plummer Royal Hotel
1999 Jeremy McGuire Denise Millington Bruce Lockley David Lee / Rick Lee Denise Millington / Fiona Plummer Commercial Hotel
1998 Michael Hodgetts Denise Millington Terry Easther Gregg Watt / Ricky Flood* Nelly Nichols / Suzi Medworth Club Hotel Hurricanes
1997 Ricky Flood Fiona Plummer   Tim Roland / Nick Verschuur Denise Millington/Fiona Plummer* Club Hotel Hurricanes
1996 Gregg Watt Denise Millington   Phil Hodgetts / Ron Atkins Fiona Plummer / Tracey Baylis Longford RSL Club
1995 Gregg Watt Denise Millington   Gregg Watt / Damien Smith Ronnell Brady / Denise Millington* HWMC Gold
1994 Justin Van Diepen Denise Millington   David Marshall / Brian Marshall Ronnell Brady / Denise Millington Foreshore Tavern Black
1993 David Marshall Ronnell Brady   Justin Van Diepen / Gregg Watt Denise Millington / Maree Harris Park Tavern
1992 Tim Roland Fiona Plummer   Mick Hodgetts / Gary Burns Denise Millington / Tania Warren Foreshore Tavern Black
1991 Geoff Youd Ronell Brady   Warren Shaw / Peter Donati Ronnell Brady / Tracy Salter Commercial Hotel
1990 Ken Worthington Denise Millington   Mick Hodgetts / Gary Burns Ronnell Brady / Tracy Salter Waratah Hotel
1989 Les Higgins Ronnell Brady*   Not Played   Granada Tavern Red
1988 Phillip Hodgetts     Craig Chipman / Craig Helm   Commercial Hotel
1987 Phillip Hodgetts     Geoff Youd / Brian Marshall   Commercial Hotel
1986 Phillip Hodgetts     Phil Hodgetts / Ken Worthington   Commercial Hotel
1985 Tony Nicholls         Newstead Hotel
1984 Phil Gibbons         Not Played

2002 - Tasmanian Women - Australian Womens Team Champions

1995 - Ronnell Brady / Denise Millington - Australian Womens Doubles Champions

1998 - Tasmanian Men - Australian Open Team Champions

1998 - Gregg Watt / Ricky Flood - Australian Doubles Champions

1997 - Denise Millington / Fiona Plummer - Australian Womens Doubles Champions

1989 - Ronnell Brady - Australian Womens Singles Champion