Eightball Tasmania have been working with Tasmania Sport and Recreation for our Plan on return to sport.

The Plan has been approved and is now in effect for Eightball Tasmania and all the Affiliate Associations that fall under Eightball Tasmania.

The good news here is those affiliated association will not need to develop their own plan and then have it individually approved (Please note if a member association wants to have their own plan they will need it individually approved and updated as required)

As the State body we do recommend to our member associations that they do let their Hotels / Clubs know the plan and has been approved to use and they work closely with their venue on what Plan they also have in place and a return to sport.

This plan as the restrictions change will be updated and approved by Sport and Recreation so from an affiliated association there will be very little to do expect you know of the latest changes and adhere to them, as the document changes it will be updated here to the latest version and emailed to our associations.

Download this file (Eightball Tasmania - Return to Sport (Master Copy).pdf)COVID-19 Plan (Master-Copy)[COVID-19 Plan (Master-Copy)]315 kB