State Open Doubles 2010 - Saturday 18th September - 9.45am - LWC

Entry Money from this event is returned in the way of prize money - $25 per player entry fee

Prize Money will vary due to people who piad for a full entry earlier in the year

The 2010 Eightball Tasmanian Junior Championships will be held on the following dates, please contact Cyril Triffitt for further information and entry

Tasmanian Junior 8-Ball

State Championships 


This Years state u/15 titles will be held on the weekend 9th-10th of October at the Hobart Working Men’s Club interested players must contact Cyril on 0407870306 to check eligibility of entry, games will start at 9.45am each day and all players need to be present 15 minutes prior.

U/12s & U/18s

This Years state u/12 and u/18s titles will be held on the weekend 16th-17 of October at the Launceston Working Men’s Club interested players must contact Cyril on 0407870306 to check eligibility of entry, games will start at 9.45am each day and all players need to be present 15 minutes prior.


Notification of intention to play or not, before the 5th of Player code of conduct & drug testing authority must be signed and returned on the day

  1. Player entery fee of  $00.00 before the 5thof October.
  2. Players full name birth date and contact details …… ASAP

Cheques can be made payable to 8-Ball Tasmania Junior Development or direct debited to

Commonwealth Bank   Acc name          8-Ball Tasmania Junior Development

BSB Number: 067601 Account Number: 10135645                                       

Please if direct debiting keep deposit slip and pass on to me

Yours in Junior 8-Ball

Cyril Triffitt

Junior Development Officer 

0407 870 306

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tasmanian Open 8Ball Team Selected

Played at the LWC on Saturday July 31 and Sunday August 1st, 22 players competed for 9 positions in the Open Team to join the 2010 State Open Singles Champion Gregg Watt in the team to compete at the Australian 8Ball Championships in Adelaide from October 19th - 29th 2010

In what was a first for many years there were no play-off for positions in the team with the following 9 players making the team from the round robin play: Cale Barrett, Callan Bisett, Jeremy McGuire, Marcus Jackson, Ricky Lee, Anthony Adams, Chris Forsyth, Sam Thurgood, Tim Wright.

The full travelling squad for 8Ball Tasmania 2010 (Subject to change)

Open Team: Jeremy McGuire (Captain), Marcus Jackson (Vice Captain), Gregg Watt (Singles Champion), Cale Barrett, Callan Bisett, Ricky Lee, Anthony Adams, Chris Forsyth, Sam Thurgood, Tim Wright, Manager: Phil Dando

Women's Team: Fiona Plummer (Singles Champion), Denise Millington, Renea Duncombe, Janelle Jackson, Jenna Sampson, Michelle Grundy, Dencil McGifford, Manager: Grant Lee

Masters Team: Bruce Lockley (Captain), Doug Goss, Chris Snare

Captain, Vice Capatain, still to be named for Women's Team

15 Women competed for the 2010 State Women's Team to play at the Australian 8Ball Titles in Adelaide from October 17th - 29th

Played at the LWC on Saturday July 24, the women played a full round robin with the top 7 making up the team and the top 4 also playing off for the 2010 State Women's Singles Title

The team is as folows: Fiona Plummer, Denise Millington, Renea Duncombe, Janelle Jackson, Jenna Sampson, Jane Nichols, Bethany Ross, Michelle Grundy (Emg), Jo-Ann Hunt (Emg), Dencil McGifford (Emg)

Click here to view results from round robin matches

2010 State Women's Singles Title

Second Semi: Fiona Plummer (0) v Denise Millington (3)

First Semi: Renea Duncombe (0) v Janelle Jackson (3)

Preliminary Final: Fiona Plummer (3) v Janelle Jackson (0)

Grand Final: Denise Millington (1) v Fiona Plummer (4)

Fiona Plummer - 2010 State Women's Team Champion

Fiona Plummer - 2010 State Women's Team Champion

Denise Millington - 2010 State Women's Team Runner Up

Denise Millington - 2010 State Women's Team Runner Up

Anthony Adams - 2010 World Championships Under 18 Runner Up

World Eightball Pool Federation Junior World Championships 2010 sponsored by Strachan. 

Held at Barcelo Imperial Hotel, Blackpool, England 

Exciting times for young Australian, Anthony Adams. 

17 year old Anthony Adams from New Norfolk, Tasmania is really showing his talent at the WEPF Junior World Championships being held in Blackpool, England. 

After a flying start  in Round 1 beating Lee Moran of the Channel Islands 6-0, Anthony then went on to whitewash  Ciaran Fay of  Ireland in the last

32 draw. With his second 6-0 win under his belt the young Australian player was drawn against another Channel Islander, Matt Barker. Unfortunately for Barker, Adams was again showing his superb form and the match finished with a 6-1 scoreline. 

Still marching on, in the quarter final Anthony was drawn against the 2009 runner up Giuseppe D’Imperio who put up a gallant battle but eventually succumbed 7-4 to the Australian. 

The semi final saw Adams facing Callum Singleton of England, again Anthony showed great strength and potting ability to guarantee his place in the Junior World Championship final by winning 7-5. 

His opponent, an up and coming young star from England, Frank Costello, battled hard and eventually triumphed 8-4 to secure the crown and become the

2010 WEPF Junior World Champion. 

Anthony’s team manager, Warren Ross said that Anthony played exceptionally well to reach the Junior World final. Much of the credit, he went on to say, of Anthony’s development into such a proficient pool player capable of playing at this level should go to his Junior Development Coach, Cyril Triffitt. 

Young Adams should be very proud of his achievement in this prestigious event.

15 Players competed in this years State Masters Event held at the LWC on Saturdy July 10th

Held in two different sections as there was one player under the age of 50 in the field of 15 players, the final results for each section was as follows

In the overall results the top 4 players competed for the 2010 State Masters Champion and Runner Up positions

Wayne Elliott who finished on top at the completion of the round robin was the first player to reach the final by defeating Bruce Lockley 2-1 in the second semi final

Lee Morcom who defeated Dog Goss in the 1st semi final then went on to defeat Bruce Lockley in the preliminary final 2-1 

The final saw Wayne Elliott win the first frame, with Lee coming back to level the score at 1-1 before Wayne went on to win the next 2 frames to take the 2010 State Masters Title 3-1

Congratlations to Wayne on being the 2010 Champion and Lee on his efforts as Runner Up 

Wayne Elliott - 2010 State Masters ChampionLee Morcom - 2010 State Masters Runner Up   

The section with the player removed for the purpose of selecting our 2010 State Masters Team to compete at the Australian Championships in Adelaide from October 19th - 29th is as follows

Wayne Elliott, Bruce Lockley, Doug Goss, Chris Snare - (Emg in order: Cyrill Triffitt, Terry Easther, Peter Miller)

Chris played well to make the 4th position in the team as there was a 4 way play-off for 4th position between, Cyril Triffitt, Chris Snare, Terry Easther and Peter Miller 

Wayne Elliott - 2010 State Masters ChampionBruce LockleyChris Snare

The final results from the overall section and the over 50's only can be found on the link below

Anthony Adams will represent Australia in the 2010 World 8Ball Pool Championships to be played in Blackpool, England from June 27th June to July 8th 2010

Anthony will captain the Australian Under 18 team and all from Eightball Tasmania wish him and Australia all the best

You can check out the results on the World 8Ball web site for all the matches in Men's, Women's and Juniors

Spot in last 24

Anthony Adams was granted a spot in the last 24 for his selection to the Australian 8Ball Team for 2010, current by-laws read that any player that makes an original named Australian team from the previous Australian Championship to the current Tasmanian Open State Team Play-Off will be granted inclusion in to the last 24 for that year only

Eightball Tasmania wil be looking at changing this rule slightly to differ between Open and Junior Teams, with any player that makes the original Australian Open Team being granted inclusion in to the last 24 and the Juniors will only be if the player wins an Australian Junior Singles Title (Under 18 or Under 21 Title)

Rd 2 Results for Northern Qualifyers

2 players withdrew from the original field of 35 players in the Northern Qualifyers, which means the North ended up wih 16 players going through from the Northern qualifyers and 7 players from the Southern qualifyers going through to the last 24, with Anthony Adams being granted a position in to the last 24 as being in the Australian 8Ball Team competing at the World Championships

The Open Team Final 24 will be played at the LWC on July 31st / August 1st - 2010 at 9.00am

Final 24 Field: David Lee, Troy Rudling, Tim Wright, Ian Kaye, Andrew Saltmarsh, Callan Bissett, Cale Barrett, Andrew Clark, Jeremy Somers, Alex Brooks, Rodney Martin, Rodney Kaine, Steve Kaine, Adam Smith, Trent Brooks, Ryan Betts, Leigh Benett, Jeremy McGuire, Ricky Lee, Johnny Lennard, Marcus Jackson, Sam Thurgood, Chris Forsyth, Anthony Adams

Rd 1 Results for Northern Qualifyers

35 Players competed in the Northern round on May 29th & 30th at the LWC with the second round to be played on June 26th & 27th

Based on current numbers the Northern qualifyers will have 16.5 players go through to the last 24 with 6.5 qualifyers from the Southern play-offs qualifying

Due to both areas having .5 of a player qualifyer for the last 24, the committee for this year only have decided that if the .5 situation is still present at the end of the Northen play-off on Sunday 27th June, there will be a play-off for the last position in the 24, with the Southern player travelling to the LWC on the Sunday to play the Northern player effected

In future years the committee will have in place a procedure has to what happens when the .5 situation arises

Rd 1 Results for Southern Qualifyers

11 players competed in the Southern qualifyers held at the HWC on May 22nd 

Original Information for events: click read more below

The 2010 State 8Ball Singles Title was played at the LWC on Saturday 1st May, with 24 players taking part from the South, North and North-West of the State

The 24 players were placed into 4 groups of 6 with 8 players seeded and the remainder of the field randomly drawn into the 4 groups

Gregg Watt as last years winner was seeded at 1 with Runner Up Anthony Adams 2, followed by last years State side - Cale Barrett 3, Tim Wright 4, Sam Thurgood 5, Chris Forsyth 6, David Lee 7 and Trent Brooks 8

After the round robin stages of the groups we were left with 16 players and below are the results from those matches - Click here to view Round Robin Results

Last 16 (7) Quarters (9) Semi (9) Final (11)
1A Gregg Watt 4
4D Stphen Kaine 1 G.Watt 5
G.Watt 5
2C Cale Barrett 2
3B Tim Wright 4 T.Wright 2
Gregg Watt G.Watt 6
1B Chris Snare 2 C.Forsyth 5
4C Chris Forsyth 4
C.Forsyth 2
2D David Lee 4 D.Lee 2
3A Heath Rainbow 1
1C Ricky Lee 4 R.Lee 5
4B Tony Adams 0
R.Lee 4
2A Andrew Saltmarsh 2 T.Rudling 3
3D Troy Rudling 4
Anthony Adams A.Adams 5
1D Anthony Adams 4 A.Adams 5
4A Mike Sheehan 1
A.Adams 5
2B Sam Thurgood 4 S.Thurgood 1
3C Andrew Clark 0

State 8Ball Calcutta Results

David Lee defeated Marcus Jackson to win the 2010 State 8Ball Calcutta and in process pocketed over $2,000.00 as David had brought himself earlier in the day in the player auction

A field of 25 players took part in the calcutta with 14 former / current State players taking part in the high quality field, we also had 3 women take part in this years event with 2 new players from the Deloraine 8Ball Association having a hit out for practice for the State women's team trials later in the year, along with Michelle Grundy from Hobart having a hit and performing well in the male dominated field

The field saw most of the usual players / suspects making it through to the finals stages of the event, with notable performances by Junior players in Anthony Adams and Cale Barrett with 'Old' gun player Andrew Triffitt also performing well making it through to the final stages of the event

The final was a two and half hour episode with David Lee having to defeat Marcus twice in the final over the best of 9 frames to pocket the title and the money - a great final between two players who still have a lot to offer our sport and the Tasmanian 8Ball team in 2010 and beyond

Thanks to all the players and John Saggers / LWC for making this a great day of pool

Click here to view results from Calcutta and checkout our Facebook page for some videos and become a fan of Eightball Tasmania to keep up to date with the latest information / events in Tasmanian 8Ball

David Lee

Marcus Jackson

David Lee Marcus Jackson


The Annual 2010 State 8Ball Calcutta will be held on Saturday April 10th at the LWC starting at 9.45am

*The draw is limited to 32 players and will be in the format of a double elimination, with the first Round being Best of 3 Frames

The winner and runner up from last years event will be seeded 1 and 2 and then the state team players in order folllowed by the players who finished 3rd and 4th in last years calutta event

The prize money will be $1,000.00 for the winner (based on 32 starters)

Entries for the event are taken on a first in basis, with paid entries taking preference over all entries

This year the Australian Junior Eight Ball Championships are being held in Tasmania, at the Glenorchy Football Club Rooms in Eadie St Glenorchy from March 7th - 13th. Easy parking will help everyone attending the matches and it is hoped that a good role up of supporters will turn out to support our junior team as they try to defend the National Teams Trophy they won at last year’s Nationals in Queensland.

As well as defending the National Title, Tasmania has a great chance to produce a National Junior champion, as a couple of the boys went very close last year. Some home town support just might get the boys over the line. This year we have included some night games in the hope that the senior players will come along and give their support to the team especially when the finals are being played.

Umpires & Volunteers’ Needed


Cyril Triffitt – 0407 870 306

If you can help out with umpiring or volunteer some time during these championships can you please contact Cyril.


Tasmanian Junior Eight Ball Team

2010 Australian Junior Championships - March 7th - 13th

Glenorchy Football Club - Hobart – Tasmania


Under 12: Alexander Pace (State Champion) Brodie Stubbs


Under 15: Cale Barrett (State Champion) Justin Stubbs, Jacob Marshall, Steven Kaine


Under 18: Anthony Adams (State Champion) Blake Marshall, Andrew Rainbow, Jenna Sampson, Brendan Marshall, Kyle Fisher