Scotch Doubles Tournament

This event is set down for Saturday May 12th starting at 9.30am

The event is designed to be a fun day with all players being placed in a hat and partners drawn for the event

Part of the Entry money of $15 per player will be returned in prize money and also used as money to support the players from Tasmania who wil be travelling to Englnad In late June

The rules of World-Eight-Ball Pol Federation will apply for the event

Simple explanation of Scotch Doubles

Team 1 v Team 2

Player A breaks for team A pots a ball on the break, player B for team A will then have the next shot, if Player B player pots a ball then player A will then have the next shot, this continues back and forth until that team misses, once this occurs the opposing team will have their turn at the table under the same format

All Matches will be Best of 3 or 5 and the Break will alternate between Team 1 and 2 and the following rule will apply

Player rotation must be maintained throughout each game and into the break of the next game. The Non-Breaking Team may start each new frame with either player. Failure to stay in rotation will result in Ball in Hand Foul

The dress code for this event is relaxed in the sense that jeans, polo top and shoes are acceptable (Track suit trousers, t-shirts, moccasins etc are not acceptable)