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Finals Series
HWC - Sponsors
Eightball Tasmania thank our sponsor the HWC

Teams and Players are reminded the following

Cues and cases are not to be left laying around the room, please place on the far side area from the Bar

Food: No takeaway food to brought into the Club, HWC provide great value meals
Live Streaming
Live Streaming will be runing all weekend (Teams are expected to keep score board up to date)
Live Streaming by Cue Sports Tas, Eightball Tasmania and the Hobart Workers Club
Breaks between sets
Teams are reminded that Breaks bewtween sets are not allowed.
This applies to End of Rd 1 to start of Rd 2, End of Rd 2 to start of Rd 3 (Frames just continue)
Teams are allowed a 3 minute break between the end of Rd 3 and start of Rd 4
Dress Code
Players Not in Corect Dress Code will not be permited to play.
Dress Trousers, Dress Shoes, Polo Top with Collar.

HWC City Centre is 5 minutes away if you do not have correct dress Saturday morning.
20 / 20 Shot Clock
The 2017 State Teams Event will operate under the
20 / 20 Shot Clock
Call Time Running at 20 seconds call 20 seconds remaining and at 40 seconds time foul
Finals Qualifications
Players must have played at least 1 Frame in 3 different Matches out of 6 Matches
Player of the Carnival
MVP - Free Entry into State Team Qualifying 2017 of the Players Choice
Matches and Results
Rd 1 - 9.30am
Rd 2 - 12.00pm
Rd 3 - 2.30pm
Rd 4 - 5.00pm
Rd 5 - 7.30pm
Rd 6 - 9.15am
Rd 7 - 11.45am
Semi-Finals - 2.15pm approx.
Finals Series Semi Finals
Final - 4.30pm approx.
Finals Series Final

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